The Company




Jean-Claude Germain founded Transport J.C.Germain in 1985. Since then, the effort, determination and dedication of its staff, combined with management's vision led the company to its current commercial success.

Over all these years, each strategic decision placed the company in a strong position in a very competitive industry. Joining the TFI International group in 1998 represents one of its key decisions. Since then, Transport J.C.Germain bears the name TFI Transport 1 L.P., becoming one of the first major acquisitions of this publicly-traded multinational.

Over the years, five well-established transportation companies merged with Transport J.C.Germain in order to maximize growth and efficiency. As it stands, the company coordinates its activities from its head office in Trois-Rivieres, its Montreal facility and its Lennoxville-based sales team that serves Transport J.C.Germain's US customers.

There is no doubt that the company's success stems from its ability to grasp its customers' needs and its will to provide simple, value-added solutions that minimize costs while fulfilling its commitments.