Over the years, numerous financial and human resources were invested to garner the best certifications available. Thanks to our vigilance and our rigorous processes, we consistently remain worthy of such tokens of confidence. Our efforts in this respect allow us to offer unparalleled service all over the vast North American highway network.

C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism)

We meet the rigorous safety standards required by the C-TPAT program, designed to protect against terrorism threats while facilitating cargo transportation. This significantly reduces the time we spend at the border, thereby providing you with speedy service.

PIP (Partners in Protection)

Since we are considered a reliable, safe and low-risk trader at the border, we access fast and efficient border processes. The PIP certification helps secure our businesses, our supply chains and our communities.

CSA (Customs Self-Assessment Program)

For importers, the CSA significantly reduces import costs. We are authorized to use our own systems and procedures as they meet the requirements of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). This results in accelerated and less costly transactions.

FAST (Free and Secure Trade Program)

The FAST program provides security for citizens and accelerates border crossings in Canada and the United States, including access to reserved fast lanes. All of the members of this program passed a risk assessment evaluation before being approved by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).


As a SmartWay partner, we invest to increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By transporting cargo in the cleanest and most efficient way, we help to improve productivity while protecting the environment.